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More than lip service, actual responsibility


Greenwashing; it’s all too common for businesses to be technically accurate while omitting important facts in an attempt to portray themselves as something they’re not.

As a responsible business, Moxy Mediaworks understands the difference and relies on the following guidelines to stay honest:

  • Assume only verifiable details
  • Keep our claims relevant
  • Rely on sound science
  • Review and update claims regularly

Our datacenters have been reviewed by independent third-party auditors and have been issued a Certificate of Carbon Neutralization, and have further been a proud member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership program, having been a member since 2009.

Depending on the project and materials, we look at three different sustainable paper options; 10% recycled cover stock; 10% recycled, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified stock; and 30% recycled, SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified stock.

All print materials produced through Moxy Mediaworks use vegetable-based inks which have lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels. Not only do vegetable inks help create a safer work environment, the manufacturing process emits less carbon than their petroleum ink counterparts. In addition, we use non-toxic, water-based aqueous (AQ) coating. The AQ coating is available with gloss and matte finishes and improves both the print drying times and the bio-degradability of the end product.

By partnering with Moxy Mediaworks, your organization can proudly display your commitment on your website and print materials.