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Our sites are compatible with iPhone and Android devices, optimized for Google search engines, and integrate with social sites like Facebook.

7 things you’ll love about your new website

Your website is often the first interaction your company has with a potential customer. What kind of impression is your customer taking away?


#1 Ready for mobile growth

New smart devices like the iPhone or Android have changed how we communicate as a society. Growth in this area has been explosive; people using smartphones to access the web has grown 500% in the last two years. In fact, Google estimates 50% of all web traffic will be mobile by 2013. Old websites that aren’t compatible with these new formats are pushing a critical portion of customers out of their reach.     (sources: Google 1 2)

#2 Professional quality that won’t break your budget

We’re able to keep our prices affordable because we may reuse design or code for the heavy lifting. Each project starts with hand-picked elements from our stocked library of professionally licensed themes and plugins, developed either by ourselves or a third-party. We then customize the functionality and appearance of each website to provide a tailor-fit solution for the customer. Through this approach, the difference is usually one less zero on the price tag. Instead of a $5,000 site with every feature and element built from scratch, we can deliver a modern, custom site for a fraction of that cost.


#3 Get listed in search results

Google and other search engines have gotten very good at rewarding legitimate and authentic sites. We deliver well-organized and semantic websites with clean code that search engine robots love to index. If you’re competing in a crowded market and want extra visibility in search results, we can assist by managing your sponsored placement campaigns like Adwords.


#4 You control your site’s content

Our websites are based on the easy-to-use WordPress content management system. The result is a website that can easily be updated without knowing HTML, CSS, PHP, or any web programming. Just log in, click the section you want to update, and make changes like you would in an application like Microsoft Word. Update your site as often as you want, without paying additional maintenance fees or touching a single line of code.


#5 Peace-of-mind from threats and disaster

Since our client’s websites are often used to collect customer information, we have strict safeguards in place to ensure the safety and privacy of all stored data. We use leading-edge enterprise tools and controls to protect your website from attacks and threats. The safety of your data is further ensured through extensive backups and redundancy in our data centers. By adopting such strict controls for security, our customers will benefit from a site with exceptional uptime standards and reliable performance.


#6 Spread digital word-of-mouth endorsements

Customers are no longer content to be passive buyers, they seek to engage with options to “Like” or “Follow.” Our social media integration option allows people to share and comment on your site as a whole, or individual pieces of content (a specific event or blog post). We can develop deep integration through Facebook’s Social Graph API and Twitter’s API functionality, or use pass-through authentication to control user access.


#7 Get in front of the local crowd

We offer full integration with key traffic drivers for local businesses like Yelp, Google Places, foursquare, Facebook Places, and CitySearch. Your customers have moved online – are they finding you there? A professionally managed web presence is necessary if you’re going to beat your competition to the customer.


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